My experience with Creme Fresh started almost two years ago when I bought a daily moisturizer for me and some beagle balm for my dog. She had a very dry nose and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. It was amazing! It helped her nose more than anything else I had...

absolutely love it

I cannot honestly say enough good things about creme fresh. I have used the Beagle Balm for a couple of months and absolutely love it and have tried the copper night cream the last 2 days and have noticed a difference already, my skin feels so smooth and maybe a...


Picked up a the fungus after swimming, it was red and itchy and the entire thing itched. I even went to a practitioner. It was a bacteria. I put the Beagle Balm on that night. it was gone – like the magic – boom – gone overnight!


My dog Akela and I are very grateful for the beagle balm. It helped her through the itchy stitches stage and healed the scratches that she created in trying to reach the itches before we put your beagle balm in them. You work with fabulous materials. I’m amazed...

completely love your products

I have been using your products for approximately 2 years and completely love them! I use the Miracle Face Cream, the Wrinkle cream and most recently have started using the Copper Night Cream. As soon as I put it on my face feels incredible and my complexion...

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