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Decisions and Such

Choosing one thing over another is always hard to do, and making a choice between what you want to do and what the best thing to do is even harder. The world says we can do it all, and we can, we just can’t do it all fabulously. The fact is that to be great at one thing, you have to give some things up. THAT BEING SAID, I WANNA BE ON YOUR FACE PEEPS!

My thing has always been about face creams – research, study, testing, reading ingredients and then creating. So after years of proving to myself that I could formulate a bunch of products and boosting my own ego, it is now time to focus on being the best – the best at being ON YOUR FACE!

So again so much gratitude to all of you who have purchased so many favourites, please keep looking because those favourites will still show up now and then as special offers, but also keep looking because next month, celebrating 2 years of the CremeFRESH mission, new facial products will be popping up!

The promise: Best, most natural ingredients ever, ongoing education about harmful ingredients you want to stay away from, and a loud and continuous stand against animal testing – forever strong!

Beagle Balm – forever strong!

At Winnipeg VegFEST Sept. 15th U.of W. 9am – 6pm

On your FACE PEEPS, xoxo



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What are we feeding our skin?

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