At cremeFRESH, we believe that
beauty is a choice.

If you wear tons of makeup or none at all,

if you wear deodorant or not,

colour your hair or air dry it naturally,

we say it’s your choice –

your beauty.


to change the FACE of the cosmetics industry forever

At cremeFRESH, we encourage you to read ingredients, ask questions and choose with integrity. We believe that beauty is a holistic quest, created from the inside out. Have Faith, challenge the status quo and express love – and you will portray physical beauty.

At cremeFRESH, we strive to improve our knowledge and ingredients every day, so that we can be on everyone’s cosmetic counter. We admit to wanting to be a household name, we just want to do it with pure ingredients and in reverence to ourselves, our clients, the animals and the earth!

cremeFRESH promises transparency in ingredients, zero synthetics, wild crafted/organic essential oils and the best of intentions.


to educate and empower individuals so they are able to make informed decisions about the health of their bodies