Copper night – so luxurious

Love the miracle cream for day and copper night. The vanilla cleansing is so gentle and I feel good using on my skin . I have rosacea and the products actually feel like they heal my sun damage.
For aging skin and winter winnipeg skin, what gorgeous concentration . Doesn’t hurt that the scents are equally addictive. Love it love it 😊
Stuck on it and the addition of cruelty free and toxin free , how can anyone use anything else!



My experience with Creme Fresh started almost two years ago when I bought a daily moisturizer for me and some beagle balm for my dog. She had a very dry nose and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. It was amazing! It helped her nose more than anything else I had tried. I then started putting it on my eczema ridden kids and it helped that too. Dry patches are usually gone by the next morning.

I’ve tried two day time moisturizers, one with spf protection and one without, they’re both amazing. My skin has never been healthier. I also use the night cream and I wake up with baby smooth skin (it’s even held lessen my wrinkles). In the winter I will also use the night cream during the day when it gets really dry outside. I have fairly sensitive skin and I’ve never had any sort of bad reaction to this.

I love that this product is local and that it supports a good cause. It really speaks to the hippy in me!


Amazing feeling of the hair after using this product

This product is amazing and deserves recognition and needs to sell in more places. I am a male and used it in my short course hair and I have never had my hair feel so soft and healthy in my life until I tried this product. I recommend it to anyone considering trying it out.

Nick Moran

My skin looks and feels great!

I have been using Creme FRESH for about 8 months and I love it. My skin looks and feels amazing. The products smell wonderful especially the Copper night cream. It feels so good to know that I am using a product that is not full of harsh chemicals. If you haven’t tried them yet it’s worth a try.


Robin Dupas


Thanks for providing me with this wonderful facial cream product. (Miracle Face Cream – original)


Pat D.


I am obsessed with your products!!!


Kaleigh T.

Love the creams

I love the creams so much I’d like to just keep putting them on all day!

Thanks again !!

It’s Amazing!

Just to let you know I LOVE your

skincare line. It’s amazing!


My skin thanks you!

I have tried a thousand different products over the years looking for the holy grail of moisture comfort with no results. Parabens and other chemicals scare me and have made my skin sensitive to everything. I have been trying natural essential oil based products for a few years now but was never able to find something that really made a difference and nothing I tried could be used under makeup. Crème Fresh has created products that my skin loves and that I can also wear under makeup. Because I can benefit morning and night my skin now looks quenched —amazing! I am 50 looking a little more 39 these days. Thank you!

Carrie Guilbault

The copper cream’s effect on my skin got a big thumbs up from a TV Make Up artist!

I’m a performer and I’ve been using the copper cream on a daily basis as well as for an aftershave balm for a few years. Yesterday, I was in makeup before shooting a TV special, and the makeup woman commented on my skin, saying that it was flawless, clear, and completely un-blotchy. She also commented on the health of my pores in the area of my clean shaven facial hair, saying that it was amazingly clear and required little or no makeup or foundation for the TV shoot. I credit CremeFresh for giving me such great skin. After hearing from the makeup woman, I decided to write a testimonial, because this is definitely a product I recommend to other men! Thanks, CremeFresh!

Stephen Reich

The copper cream amazing.

The copper cream makes my skin smooth in the morning. Minimizes pores and blemishes. Love it!


A game changer!

I purchased the Miracle face cream, and Rock on makeup remover. I have insanely sensitive skin, and many many allergies.

Rock On Makeup remover is amazing! It melts my very black mascara. Any other remover I’ve tried, and even just a facecloth leaves me with rashes or eczema on my eyelids. This is a life saver for me!

Miracle face cream has changed feel of my skin in just a few short weeks! Fantastic!


Finally… 🙂

My friend recently told me about a product she got – cremeFresh! She was kind enough to give me a sample to try. Wow. In a few days, my skin felt fantastic! Soft, glowing, it just feels… good! I have gone through many, many products, and this is the first one where my skin has felt the way it should. Sometimes it is hard to put into words… just try it! You will be so glad you did!


new favourite

How can this amazing product not be more well known and everyone’s first choice? I only bought it yesterday at the expo, used it TWICE (last night and this morning) and I see a difference in my skin already!! And a little goes a long way, so economical! Definitely my new favourite product, along with the eye cream!! Love your products and your commitment to nature AND the animals!!!

Tracy W.

absolutely love it

I cannot honestly say enough good things about creme fresh. I have used the Beagle Balm for a couple of months and absolutely love it and have tried the copper night cream the last 2 days and have noticed a difference already, my skin feels so smooth and maybe a little plumper where there was a bit of droop, am at a loss for words.  Love the creme fresh!

Joanne R.

amazing skin care

I found the Creme Fresh line at a holistic trade show and I fell In love. I started slowly with the Eye Brightening cream and now have most of the products. This year I turned 40 and I love having people say that I look at least 5 years younger. I also really value knowing that I am putting safe healthy products on my largest organ… my skin of course. Thank you Lori for your amazing skin care line!


all I use is Creme Fresh

Every time I walk into the gym, someone comments on how great my skin is – all I use is Creme Fresh!


softest skin of my life

I started using Creme Fresh on Sunday, 5 days ago and I am honestly in awe. My skin has never been this soft. I am using the cleanser, the toner (this might be my favorite product), the miracle cream during the day, and the copper night cream before bed. Seriously the best feeling and the smells are fantastic. In 5 short days I have the softest skin of my life. Thank you Lori, you are a genius



I just tried your new pink clay mask, and I LOVE IT!  My skin felt so clean and soft after using it.

I have rosacea and very sensitive, mature skin, and I have to be so careful what I use.  Your products are so gentle on my skin. Thank you so much for all the time and research you put into developing them.



Thanks so much…I love your products!!!



Picked up a the fungus after swimming, it was red and itchy and the entire thing itched. I even went to a practitioner. It was a bacteria. I put the Beagle Balm on that night. it was gone – like the magic – boom – gone overnight!


peace of mind

I am IN LOVE with Creme Fresh! I have been an esthetician for 18 years and have used a multitude of professional products over the years, all with tons of chemicals of course. Creme Fresh gives me the peace of mind that I’m taking care of skin AND CHERISHING IT. The products are amazing. I can’t wait to try more of them! The lip balm is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used. The mud mask, the miracle cream, the copper cream, cleanser, all is just so fantastic! Thank you Lori for creating this amazing product and saving us!



My dog Akela and I are very grateful for the beagle balm. It helped her through the itchy stitches stage and healed the scratches that she created in trying to reach the itches before we put your beagle balm in them. You work with fabulous materials. I’m amazed at how fast they heal. Thank-you so much!!


My face feels fantastic

OMG! I love the Rock On extreme make-up remover. The mascara and eyeliner just melts away….and it smells so sooo good. When you add some of the clay pumice mask to it……absolutely amazing. My face feels fantastic. I really really love the combo.

I also love the lip balm. It’s the best I’ve ever used. I love that the colour looks natural and doesn’t turn a funny pink or orange colour. I also love the menthol tingle.

I am so thankful that I met you. I so appreciate all the hard work you put in your products. Thank you so much Lori!

Lisa P.


Less fine lines and I look brighter!!! So happy this product is working!!



The night cream is phenomenal!


excellent service

I just wanted to thank you once again for your excellent customer service and for creating these wonderful products that have really saved my face!!

P. Holt

best it’s ever been

I’ve had adult acne for years and used the Copper night cream faithfully for 3 weeks and my skin is the best it’s ever been! Thank you.


completely love your products

I have been using your products for approximately 2 years and completely love them! I use the Miracle Face Cream, the Wrinkle cream and most recently have started using the Copper Night Cream. As soon as I put it on my face feels incredible and my complexion completely changes. It really is a miracle. The product and the reasonable prices have me hooked! I also love the Beagle Balm, I have used it many times and know it is safe for the dogs, which is always the highest priority. Thank you!


I am now a FAN!

Tried the Miracle face cream and the Copper night cream, I am now a FAN!


love, love, love

Copper Night Cream – love, love, love the smell and the cream.



Truly is a Miracle!!!!


absolutely amazing!

After using the Miracle Face Cream, I had to buy the whole line! It has been a little over 3 months since I began using these products and I can see a huge improvement in my skin! I have been wearing makeup nearly everyday since I was 13 years old. For the first time, I can finally let my skin breath, and wear a fresh face without feeling self-conscious, something I truly never believed could happen. Thank you Lori! Your products are absolutely amazing! xo


Best lip balm

Best lip balm I’ve ever used and I’m very picky with my lip balms – and I looove the Copper night cream, the smell is fabulous!



I wanted to say… THANK YOU!!!!! That night I used the Miracle Face Cream for the first time… the smell  was amazing… and I felt the softness. Second day my skin felt more nourished and hydrated… third day… my skin is glowing… it’s so soft… my makeup applies beautifully after and I can’t get over the scent!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!


real deal

I’m so happy your Miracle Face Cream is the real deal. Now in my mid-30s, I’ve had moderate acne since my early 20s. Since then, i have tried everything – Neutrogena, Clinique, Neostrata, Proactive, Arbonne, and everything my dermatologist could offer short of Acutane which is too scary for me (retinoids, AHAs, antibiotics, etc.)

A combination of Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide was the only thing that worked but I hated putting those things on my face and the bleaching effect ruined many shirts and pillowcases.

Then I saw Creme Fresh at the Holistic Living Expo last year and thought, why not? Amazing! My skin is the best it’s been in years. I even showed the label to my dermatologist and he really liked the ingredients.

Thank you, Lori!


literally magic

The Eye Brightening and Firming Cream is literally magic! I use it with my daily routine and it makes my eyes glimmer like you have your make-up done and put highlighter on. It is seriously incredible!!! I was driving to work and kept getting distracted in the rear view mirror looking at my eyes the first time I used it. I LOVE IT! I totally recommend it (and the whole line). My face has NEVER felt softer.


turning back time!

I never used to realize how important it was to take care of your skin until I was well into my adult life.  Once I started learning, I started realizing how much misinformation was out there and educating myself on all natural products was an overwhelming task.  I’m so happy I found Creme Fresh to help me cut through all the bullsh*t that the cosmetics industry feeds us. “We may be vain, but we’re not stupid.”  These products are not only fantastic but they carry a great message with them and we should all pay attention to it.  Also, people are complimenting me now saying I have a glow and I attribute it to these amazing products.  “The Miracle Face Cream is AMAZING.”  And the Ultra Wrinkle Serum “GET THIS STUFF!”  It’s turning back time!

Leah Dawn

quick and amazing

This is the second time I applied the cream and I can’t get over how quickly and amazingly it works! Plus it feels great and smells delicious!! I will definitely be talking you up and getting people to try it at work. I love that you decided to do this!! (and I like your label) thanks again! Take care!


little bit of heaven

Hi Lori,

After looking for years for a face cream that wasn’t chalked full of chemicals, but still provided the protection from the everyday elements, I was directed to Creme Fresh’s Miracle face cream. A good friend raved about it and I simply had to try for myself. I did and I haven’t looked back. After only a few days I noticed a difference. My complexion and T-zone evened out. My skin has never felt so good! It’s light and a little goes a LONG way!!! You’re product is amazing, you’ve gained a customer for life 🙂 thank you



Hi Lori,
The miracle cream for my face is awesome and the Candy Cane Body Butter which I have been using on my Psoriasis on my legs and my inner hands drying it up better than an medical creams that I have used so thank you very much for your natural products which I will keep in contact with you when I need more.


really is a miracle

This stuff really is a miracle cream! Within days I noticed that my complexion was more even, skin was much softer, and pores smaller. It has now become a very easy addition to my daily routine! I would recommend this cream to everyone and anyone!


really working

Hi Lori! The cream has been really working for my son and I. My daughter hasn’t had any recent flare ups just really dry skin so I haven’t really tried it on her too much but she loves the way it smells!! I notice a difference on my skin right away. It took a couple of weeks for my son’s skin to react, as you said it would, and his patches are almost all gone. I’ll be needing some more soon for sure.



I put the beagle balm on a dry patch I found on my dog – it’s now healed and the hair has grown back!



So after hosting a Creme Fresh Party last night, staying up late, having a great time with friends doing facials and drinking wine, I look at myself in the mirror the next morning and can’t believe the dark bags under my eyes are almost non-existent! I have a 3 year old, I’ve had said bags for 3 years!! Almost gone!!! Amazing!! Thank you Creme Fresh, can’t wait to start seeing the rest of the benefits from your products!!


love it



silky smooth

My skin feels silky smooth, I thought I’d use it only at night because it’s so rich, but it absorbs very quickly.



Makes my skin feel smooooth!


calmed my frizz

Loved the shampoo, it calmed my frizz.


I looooove your products.

Lori, you are one of the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, caring, savvy, creative person I know. I looooove your products. I will be promoting to everyone!




This is the softest my face has ever been – I’m obsessed with the face cream! Thank you.


Love the feeling

I put the face cream on non-stop, love the way it feels on my skin. Thanks!


I’m in

This is my new face cream!



My wife has had cold sores for all her life. We have spent so much money on expensive antibiotic creams. As soon as she used your silver gel right when she felt it coming on, it was amazing. Never broke out of her skin and she has not had one since because she stops it immediately. Thank you!


I could feel and see a difference

Lori, I paid $95 for an eye cream 2 months ago, I put yours on and the first night I could feel and see a difference. Thank you!


Loving the Face Cream

“I love it… just waiting for the canyon on my forehead to close!”


love it

loving the face cream


I am quite impressed …

I applied some of the cream onto my face and I must say, I am quite impressed with your product. It’s light (doesn’t clog up the pores) and has a mild fragrance. The information you gave to me is the best I have read about so far. I am excited!