My Story

Lori Cohen, Creator
Skin Care

I've always been passionate about ingredients, both in food and cosmetics. What got me started was the love of creating and the fuelled anger I had around labeling. I worked as a graphic artist for years and know how to get around a label. In this country we advertise "organic", "natural", "safe", etc and why wouldn't consumers believe that? It drove me crazy that people were trusting these products and rightly so, but that the actual products contained ingredients that cause cancer, hormonal disruption and alteration of DNA.

What the H..L?

I am guiding my anger with love. I want people to know what they are buying. This is about choice. As women we put "stuff" on our skin for decades believing that it's helping and really it's doing the opposite - quick fix, long term issues. So many companies jump on the "natural" bandwagon with expert marketing and the only way we can say "no" is by going elsewhere.


Take a stand, pure ingredients, truth in labeling and care for ourselves, our children, our animals and the earth.