cremeFresh Girls Night, Facial Party

Let’s Have a Party!

Dear Hostess – this is your party – dress it up however you’d like. Wine and cheese, coffee and tea, potluck – whatever you and your friends decide! cremeFRESH will bring everything we need for the facials except the kitchen sink (for rinsing of course!). You do not have to worry about anything else!

What it’s about:

  1. FUN!!!! Bunch of friends, pampering, amazing skin, uplifted spirit – enough said!
  2. INFORMATION! About Holistic Skincare and safe anti-aging. We make it our personal business to empower women, girls, and everyone really, to choose products wisely, and the way to do it is through information. We love sharing and we love questions too! Please allow approximately 3 hours for a party.
  3. Great SPECIALS! Always a sale item or two to celebrate the party. You won’t be disappointed!
  4. Hellooo – a FACIAL – of course! And the opportunity to try every cremeFRESH product – know how it looks, feels, and smells – all before you choose to buy.

Some Guidelines:

Loving the parties, they are way more of a blast than they are work – but a lot goes into a party, so this is what we’ve put together to be fair to our hostesses and ourselves. Please take a look before booking.

  • Each hostess receives a $100 credit towards product when having a party of 5 people or more outside of her household.
  • Parties will be confirmed 4 days prior. If 3 people or less are confirmed, party will be re-scheduled.
  • Upon arrival to party, if last minute cancellations occur (under 5 people) and the party goes on, hostess will receive a $30 credit towards product as a gift.

We look at what we are doing as a Cosmetic Revolution – being conscience of our choices and changing them in honour of ourselves, our children, our animals and the earth.

Please join us in spreading the word. New in 2018, Facebook Parties, fabulous if you already love cremeFRESH and want to spread that love, along with not having to make snacks or clean your house of course! First 5 to book will receive a $125 credit with $300 in sales.


P.S. We really love and welcome repeat guests and partygoers! However we are trying to spread the word about chemical-free. So my dear hostesses, if you could have 5 new people plus repeats, that would be incredibly appreciated.