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Gentle Facial Cleanser

New Size 240ml!

We heard you! Double the size, NOT double the price.

Gentle Facial Cleanser

You said 125 mls was just not enough when using with the whole CremeFRESH line up, so here you go!

Check this out though, the whole line has not gone up in price, so you get a discount when you buy the 6 products PLUS you get the $20 coupon.

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100% Natural Skin Care Line

cremeFRESH Natural Skin Care Line

Enjoy all of our skin care products! BUY the cremeFRESH 100% natural face care line.

  • 60 ml Miracle Face Cream
  • 30 ml Copper Night Cream
  • 120 ml Flower Essence Toner
  • 120 ml Fresh Milky Cleanser
  • 60 ml Powdered Facial Mask
  • 15 ml Eye & Face Brightening & Firming Cream

$199 to YOUNGER looking and HEALTHIER skin.

Buy NOW and receive a $20 coupon!

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This is the thing, you put chemicals on your skin – it looks better… in the short term. 28 day skin cycle and your liver and kidneys push these chemicals out – through WHAT? Yes, your skin! IT GETS WORSE, but you buy more because it looked good at first. The cycle of imbalance begins.

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You spend lots of money on jacked up high end packaging and products that do not help your skin and worsen your overall health.

Peeps, we want to keep it CLEAN, Fresh and Simple. Bottom line, simple packaging means we spend our money on high quality ingredients instead of shiny containers and YOU get to spend your money on what you love!


The Beagle Alliance

LOOK beautiful and FEEL beautiful knowing that you’ve taken a stand against animal testing and false labelling. The only way to change the world is by choosing where you spend your time and by choosing where you spend your money.

What do you want from your cosmetic company - shiny labels and pretty bottles or pure ingredients and a world changing vision?

Believe in Change!

Embrace your power to choose.
xoxo, Lori

Beagle Balm Footprint

50% of all Beagle Balm profits go the
The Beagle Alliance

For cuts, wounds, burns, bug bites,
dry patches


The Beagle Alliance