Look FAB, BE Fab

You can’t un-know what you know! All it takes is a bit of wisdom to alter how we choose! So this month, let’s remind ourselves of what we know, so we can choose – FOR OURSELVES, OUR CHILDREN, THE ANIMALS AND THE EARTH!

1. The kinder we are, the more fabulous we look!
2. We can make a difference by what we think, do and buy!
3. These companies test on animals – can’t un-know it!
4. These companies DO NOT test on animals! Can’t un-know it!
5. These ingredients are in many “natural” products! STAY AWAY!
6. Love yourself enough to BE the CHANGE!
7. Run, walk the dog, go to the gym, use quality products and eat well – take care of the PHYSICAL and you will have fab skin!
8. Breathe, forgive, let go of anger – take care of the EMOTIONAL and you will have fab skin!
9. Challenge yourself, choose wisely, guard your thoughts – take care of yourself MENTALLY and you will have fab skin!
10. Believe, pray, see the bigger picture, dream big – take care of yourself SPIRITUALLY and you will have everything!
11. LOL – this company does not test on animals, contributes to animal rescue, is cruelty free certified, local,  uses 100% natural ingredients and has an environmentally conscience Canada Month JULY SPECIAL!

Thank you REACTIONS Salon for carrying CremeFRESH!

Looking FABULOUS is about BEING Fabulous!



Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny

What are we feeding our skin?

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