My experience with Creme Fresh started almost two years ago when I bought a daily moisturizer for me and some beagle balm for my dog. She had a very dry nose and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. It was amazing! It helped her nose more than anything else I had tried. I then started putting it on my eczema ridden kids and it helped that too. Dry patches are usually gone by the next morning.

I’ve tried two day time moisturizers, one with spf protection and one without, they’re both amazing. My skin has never been healthier. I also use the night cream and I wake up with baby smooth skin (it’s even held lessen my wrinkles). In the winter I will also use the night cream during the day when it gets really dry outside. I have fairly sensitive skin and I’ve never had any sort of bad reaction to this.

I love that this product is local and that it supports a good cause. It really speaks to the hippy in me!



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