Wellness Day at Symatree Farm

1st Annual Wellness Day

32033 Hazelridge Road, Hazelridge, MB R0E 0Y0 (map)
Saturday, June 10th
10am to 5pm

I am so excited to be at Symatree Farm this Saturday. The first of any event is always a bit daunting, but the list of contributors is amazing and I absolutely cannot wait to meet Kathy and her human and animal family.

FREE Event, beautiful countryside – and animals!!!!


The sun is full of energy – be discerning with your sun products – are they worse than the actual sun?

Ok, so you get burned – let’s get your skin healed! Gonna get bit too! What are you applying to those bug bites – Silver Tonic or Beagle Balm – pick your remedy!

Sweat it out – it’s our natural way of cleansing. Check out what is really in your deodorant!

If you think you can’t do a Facial party because you’re at the lake, think again, we’re doing cottage parties – sit on the deck, have a refreshing cocktail, so a facial!

June Special

Multi-use Transformative Oil – $34.00 (Reg $40.00) – an oil a blend of the 7 best anti-wrinkle, wrinkle preventing oils on earth, as well Helichrysium and a hint of Patchouli (not that synthetic over the top hippy smell) promote lucid dreaming, Lavender aids in calming and Ylang Ylang helps with anxiety and depression.

Father’s Day

Beard and Facial Oil – It is what it is – sweet tobacco oil, vanilla and grapefruit – yummy! Nourishes facial hair and skin, keeps both soft and touchable!

New and Exciting products:

  • Sun Cream – cannot call it sunscreen without the applicable chemicals, but this cream is an all natural way of protecting skin!
  • Dry Shampoo – perfect for summer hair, massage in, comb out and be amazed at the volume of your hair!
  • Deodorant – a daily necessity so why make it an unsafe practice!

On that note, here is to wishing you joy, relaxation and great summer intentions. It’ll all get done, let’s take a breath and enJOY the fact that we have created all of the precious things we have to do.



Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny

What are we feeding our skin?

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