Labelling Products not People

My favourite thing to do is to create product – measuring, mixing, weighing – seeing that recipe work it’s magic. Of course then I have to “label” it – literally slap a label on every jar and bottle.

Labelling is a big deal to me – it is part of the reason I started making my own recipes to begin with – or at least the anger towards deceptive labelling was. It started with the search for something as simple as a face cream. I would stand at the counter staring at labels that said “natural”, only to take a closer look to find that the outer did not match the inner. Pretty sure they call this integrity or lack of….

So – labels….

I made it my business to properly and truthfully label every cremeFRESH product – so that the outside matched the inside, and nobody had to stare aimlessly at a hundred promises and even more claims.

I know exactly what makes up every jar. I do not know EXACTLY what makes up every one of you – SO cremeFRESH refuses to slap a label on you!

Instead of the typical “Women’s” and “Men’s” line, we will introduce options through the sensuous world of scent. As usual using organic and wild crafted essential oils that heal and nourish in the same way, we will start with a favourite – the Miracle Face Cream.

You all know how I feel about CHOICE – along with the fabulous floral citrus scent, we now offer you an unscented, essential oil-free version, and a rich, earthy scent (ladies may want to buy for their guys). SO – BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR ANIMALS, THE EARTH.

Every time you buy cremeFRESH, you choose not to test on animals. Every time you buy cremeFRESH, you choose not to pollute your body or the earth with chemicals. Feed your inner beauty – Believe in change – Take a stand – Be beautiful on the inside and the outside!

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?  Send comments to and be entered to win a Miracle Face Cream – your choice of scent of course!

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Xoxo, Lori



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