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Shopping and Parties and Specials OH MY!

The last newsletter for the year, so I will keep it all about fun and specials while I prepare my 2018 soapbox! I know we don’t think about needing sunscreen this season, but….under our eyes along with our lips are the only areas on the face that do not produce …

Symatree Farm 1st Annual Wellness Day

Wellness Day at Symatree Farm

1st Annual Wellness Day 32033 Hazelridge Road, Hazelridge, MB R0E 0Y0 (map) Saturday, June 10th 10am to 5pm I am so excited to be at Symatree Farm this Saturday. The first of any event is always a bit daunting, but the list of contributors is amazing and I absolutely cannot …

Labelling Products not People

My favourite thing to do is to create product – measuring, mixing, weighing – seeing that recipe work it’s magic. Of course then I have to “label” it – literally slap a label on every jar and bottle. Labelling is a big deal to me – it is part of …

green toxic looking eye

What are we feeding our skin?

In a world full of choices, sometimes we need a little info to help in our decisions and eliminate choice fatigue. What are we feeding our skin and bodies? Knowledge is power – let’s use our power for the good of all! Check your products! (compiled from the David Suzuki …

Thank You with Love

Wow, it’s February

I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for the parties, the testimonials, the sales and most of all the incredible trust you have put in me and cremeFRESH.