Symatree Farm 1st Annual Wellness Day

Wellness Day at Symatree Farm

1st Annual Wellness Day 32033 Hazelridge Road, Hazelridge, MB R0E 0Y0 (map) Saturday, June 10th 10am to 5pm I am so excited to be at Symatree Farm this Saturday. The first of any event is always a bit daunting, but the list of contributors is amazing and I absolutely cannot …

Labelling Products not People

My favourite thing to do is to create product – measuring, mixing, weighing – seeing that recipe work it’s magic. Of course then I have to “label” it – literally slap a label on every jar and bottle. Labelling is a big deal to me – it is part of …

green toxic looking eye

What are we feeding our skin?

In a world full of choices, sometimes we need a little info to help in our decisions and eliminate choice fatigue. What are we feeding our skin and bodies? Knowledge is power – let’s use our power for the good of all! Check your products! (compiled from the David Suzuki …

Thank You with Love

Wow, it’s February

I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for the parties, the testimonials, the sales and most of all the incredible trust you have put in me and cremeFRESH.

Beautiful woman holding money

Look great, save money!

YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO LOOK YOUNGER! I’ve noticed that whenever women are talking about celebrities and how they look, money always comes up. “I’d have great skin if I had the money too” or “if only I had that kind of money, I’d look this …