What’s it gonna be – YES or NO?

Am I dating myself with that “Meatloaf Paradise by the Dashboard Light” reference…oh well, Happy New Year!!!

I am all about my yes and my no this year. Check out my video and with that, I will ask you to say NO to chemicals, animal testing and deceptive cosmetic labelling – and to say YES to pure ingredients that do not harm the earth, YES to cruelty FREE and The Beagle Freedom Project and YES to education about ingredients that harm you, your children, the animals and the earth!

The January Special is at the end of the video – let’s have a year we can all be proud of!

WINTER Skincare TIP:

We want to take a bit of extra care with our skin when it’s this cold, so if you have the Green Pumice Mask use it twice a month instead of once a week and once or twice a week at bedtime, use pure cold pressed organic coconut oil to remove make-up and moisturize. The extra fat in the oil is a nourishing addition to using the collagen building Copper Night Cream!

Super excited to be at The Snowflake Festival’s Mindful Market on January 21st at The Fort Garry Hotel from 10 am – 5pm. Please come and visit the NEW CremeFRESH booth!

Always in support of The Beagle Alliance and their Cruelty Cutter App. Please DONATE!

Thanks to all of you who chose to shop local, and to the many of you across Canada and the U.S. who are supporting cruelty free, vegan and natural cosmetics. It has been an amazing 2017!

Talk soon, xoxo



Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny

What are we feeding our skin?

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