I’ve always had a tense relationship with time. Wondering if I have enough in a day and seeming to fight with it always. I was imposing time on myself, not the other way around. Ask yourself this: Am I loving what I am doing right now? Life is for JOY, not for how many things you can get done in a day. Yes, there are chores, but they need not be a chore if you change your perception of time. How we spend our time contributes to change!

Peeps, let’s spring into making change by how we spend our time and our money! BELIEVE! Cruelty Free, earth saving and natural.

Beyond humbled to announce our Leaping Bunny Certification!!!! 

Gonna be at… and would love to see you:

  • BLOOM – Fort Garry Hotel tommorrow!
  • Before the Bridge K9 Adoption Spring Craft Sale
  • The Viscount Gort Hotel – April 8th
  • The Winnipeg Indulgence Expo
  • The Assininboia Downs – April 14th and 15th.
  • The Body, Mind and Spirit Show
  • The Caboto Centre – April 22nd – FREE!

Yup, busy, busy, challenging the cosmetic world to “clean it up”!

The Beagle Alliance has undergone a name change to expand the life saving efforts. Not just saving our beloved beagles, but any and all animals from cosmetic testing. Check out The Beagle Alliance. CremeFRESH continues to support and contribute.

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Happy SpringTIME!
xoxo, Lori



Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny

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