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Many cosmetic companies still test on animals. Needless to say, cremeFRESH is opposed to animal testing or any kind of animal abuse. We would like to publicly announce that we support the Rescue+Freedom Project and everything they are trying to do. So in support of BFP, 15% of all sales of Beagle Balm go to the Rescue+Freedom Project. We thank all of our animals for their love, devotion, and inspiration. We love you! We thank The BFP for their love!


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BEAGLE BALM IS FOR YOU, YOUR DOG OR YOUR HORSE. Colloidal Silver and a combination of anti-parasitic, anti-microbrial and anti-bacterial essential oils like lavender, thyme and ravensara, use onwounds, tick bites, burns, scarring, skin irritation, extreme dryness, psoriasis, eczema, on hands and feet (athletes) – you get the picture. Easily absorbed into the follicle of the fur, dogs and horses respond amazingly, and so will you. Our clients swear by it!

(Please contact us regarding using essential oils on cats. DO NOT USE ON YOUR CAT UNLESS YOU HAVE CONSULTED A PROFESSIONAL.)

15% of all sales of BEAGLE BALM go to
Rescue+Freedom Project

Please DOWNLOAD the CRUELTY CUTTER Free app today - one swipe tells you who is still testing on animals.

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