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PUMPS vs. JARS – always the debate. WELL, yes jars can introduce “double dipping”, but pumps crash and you don’t seem to get all of the product out. THAT’S WHAT WE ARE FINDING HERE! Hence the sale – we want you to try it, but not be annoyed. We simply ask that if the pump is not working you use a one time clean “stick” to get your daily dose – DON’T double dip. You will LOVE this CREAM!

The sweet smell of fresh blueberries. The firming action of caffeine. This cream is magical – the anti-oxidants in blueberries far exceed the simple adding if vitamin C! Super concentrated, revitalizing, this cream reduces puffiness, brightens skin and scent of natural blueberry extract will simply make you happy!

This is a very special cream, using a vortex system to change the water structure so that no preservative is necessary, as well, helps with the absorption of nutrients. It is in a pump so that it can be used without “double dipping”. NOTE: Pumps sometimes plug up, we suggest using a new dip stick every time, should you need.